Good News and More Good News

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Moses replied, “Awesome God, Please give me the good news first.”

God said, “The good news is that I’ve chosen you to deliver my people from bondage. I will force Pharaoh to release my children by causing years of pestilence in Egypt. There will be plagues of incredible devastation upon the land. Pharaoh’s armies will chase you as you leave, but do not fear because I will part the waters of the Red Sea to aid in your escape.”

“And the bad news,” Moses inquired?

“You have to prepare the Environmental Impact Statement.”

Of course the joke is apocryphal.  The story does however illustrate the enormity of the task facing Moses even after God’s great delivering acts within Egypt.

Few of us appreciate cheap evangelists who proclaim a prosperity gospel that truncates the whole gospel.  It’s a gospel which says, “Come to Jesus and you will never have another problem.  Serve Him and you will be showered in material wealth.”  Those who buy into that message quickly find it wanting.    

No one has ever experienced the power and presence of God on their life as did Moses.  Moses was blessed to play a part in some of the most dramatic miracles ever witnessed by human eyes.  Yet there were constant challenges and always another summit of faith to reach.

Jesus has delivered us from death and given us eternal life. Service to God in this world is filled with joy, but it also comes with trials, frustration, and difficult roads.  We experience in those His constant presence with us and the demonstration of His willingness to deliver us daily. Difficulties are with us, but so is Jesus. And, He is greater than any power which would destroy us.

Psalms 50:15,  And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver you, and you will glorify me.

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