Long Arm of the Monkey

The “Monkey Bar, officially Pearl City Traven, was a infamous watering hole for sailors and Marines during the early 1960’s. In addition to the usual accouterments designed to draw military members on shore leave, there were monkeys in a large glass cage behind the bar. The sometimes “spirited” creatures engaged in monkey business from innocently amusing to the salacious.

Retired Navy Captain John Wallace tells of his introduction to the bar as a brand new ensign assigned to the USS Polk County. He asserts that he was “an innocent led astray by a member of the U.S. Marine Corps.”

It seems that the Marine went to call a cab after they had both been relieved of their judgment by alcohol. After waiting for a long while Wallace went to look for “Nel’s.” He found him just in time to see him rip the last of three payphone from the wall. That moment coincided with the arrival of the Hawaiian Armed Services Police and the club manager yelling, “They did it!” Both men were arrested them both. He considered guilty by association.

What happened that night had a negative impact on the rest of his twenty-five year navy career. He had to answer “yes” to questions of if he had ever been arrested.

He also on the positive side gained a better understanding on young sailors who suddenly found themselves in the wrong side of shore patrol and local police.

Hebrews 5: , tells us that Jesus, Our High Priest, can have pity on us because He was tempted in all the same ways we are. He however remained without sin.