Veterinarian, Dr. Allen Schoen, tells of treating an injured wild bird, named Hawkeye. Hawkeye was, at first suspicious of any move that Dr. Schoen made. It took much patience but eventually Hawkeye came to know Dr. Schoen and that he was attempting to help him and not hurt him.

  Dr. Schoen writes, “Hawkeye had given me a window on what may be nature’s greatest secret: that no creature can remain forever closed to the healing power of love.  I know that if I could establish an intimate relationship with a bird of prey, I could communicate with any animal, no matter how distant or fearsome it might appear to be. All I would need was a sensitivity of spirit, a willingness to open myself non- judgmentally to a dimension of reality where feathers, fur, skin, scales, or hair are stripped away and where the only language is love.” 1

  It is said that English is the most international of all international languages. If one speaks English he can travel the world without having to learn any other language because there will always be someone around to translate. While that might be true to varying degrees, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could speak in a language that all people would always understand?

 Be of good cheer. You CAN speak a language that everyone can understand. That language is the language of love. It is the language that God has chosen to use in speaking to us. The Bible tells us that God is Love. When He speaks in love, He is speaking His native language. He has created us all to understand that language completely.

Are you having a tough time communicating with someone you see as difficult? Try speaking to them in a language they can understand. Speak to them in love. Don’t be surprised if they respond in the same language after a while.

1.    Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing, Dr. Allen M. Schoen, 1995.

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